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Stocks Turbo Jet Applicator

  • A versatile and accurate 12 volt powered pneumatic applicator to meter and spread most small seeds from 8 outlets and 8 or 16 spreader plates, or blank off outlets as required to band sow with a 5 or 7 leg subsoiler for example. Use the Turbo Jet with a tined harrow as a grass seeder when undersowing or rejuvenating pasture, and with a cultivator as a low cost one pass seeder when planting rape seed, mustard, clover, etc.
  • Complete with Vari Speed or RDS Wizard controls.
  •  5m fused power lead and 6m connector cable.
  •  Twin fans for optimum airflow.
  • Electrically powered hopper agitator to prevent grass seed bridging.
  •  Waterproof, large capacity 240 litre semi translucent hopper.
  •  Supplied with 8 – Y connectors and 16 spreader plates.
  •  Supplied with banking rollers and air stoppers to reduce outlets.
  • Supplied with flexible tube and universal brackets for 8m wide.
  •  Supplied with 2 sets of feed rolls. – Individual small seed/rape rolls per outlet for accuracy. High output grass seed rolls for high rate seeding.

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