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Stocks Fan Jet Applicator

  • Seven models of cost effective and multi purpose 12 volt electric spinning disc broadcaster to apply slug pellets, small seeds and granules. The Pro series now has a high torque / low power disc motor, all stainless steel disc and new feed mechanism with 2 feed apertures for improved spread pattern and width, and a higher application rate, and an uprated control console, with models perfect for ATV, sprayer or tractor use.
  • Easy, quick, stepless adjustment of spread bias, left or right.
  • Machine tilts forward on subframe for safe, fast emptying hopper contents.
  • Adjustable deflectors or disc speed to limit spread width.
  •  Stainless steel and plastic feed and shut off mechanism.
  •  Stainless steel discs and vanes.
  •  Stepless adjustment of application rate.
  •  In cab control console with instant, positive feed shut off .
    and start and disc control.
  •  3m fused power lead and 6m connector cable.
  •  Robust construction and reliable high quality motors.
  •  Semi translucent polyethylene hopper.

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