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‘Majestic’ Larrington Trailer

Make: Larrington

  • Tipping to 60° since 1995 with the single ram that Larrington Trailers have become renowned for. Using less oil and pressure per Tonne than a twin-ram system; it reduces the wear on all parts including your tractor’s oil pump.
  • Super Strong ‘M’ Style Chassis.
  • Scharmüller Compatible Drawbar, Designed and built so that drawbar hitches can be bolted on and off quickly and with ease.
  • The extra large 450mm front window helps the driver reduce damage.
  • The highest arches make it easy to cover any heaped crop with a rollover sheet. Protecting your crop from the elements.
  • The Majestic trailer features two hydraulically powered locking hooks which can be adjusted to ensure the taildoor is tightly shut when closed and ensure the taildoor remains secured while traveling with a full load in the trailer.


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