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‘The Harvester’ Larrington Trailer

Make: Larrington

  • Swivel Drawbar Stand that folds up; out of the way, and does not need removing.
  • All harvester trailers are fitted with an adjustable Sprung Drawbar, allowing you to easily change the drawbar’s angle should you change the height of your tractor, or the trailer’s tyres size. This ensure the correct weight is on the drawbar at all times giving you a smooth ride, no matter what tractor driving.
  • The hydraulic hoses run within a channel under the chassis. This keeps them safe while being easy to get to.
  • This trailer has a five-stage 175mm bore ram which needs less than 100psi of oil pressure per ton to lift the loaded body to an angle of 53°.
  • 100mm wide four leaf spring which stiffens up the suspension and reduces body roll.
  • Full commercial ten stud axles are fitted as standard. These have the 406 x 120 brakes set at 1900 track.
  • No Joins in the Floor, Keeping you Crops Safe From ‘Snags’.
  • Full vision front grill with plastic cover, which can be removed when using the trailer with root crops is included.
  • A newly designed taildoor which lifts the door upwards first and then pivots the door open.


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