fleiming trailed towed slat fertiliser spreader

Trailed Spreader

Make: Fleming

The Fleming Sitrex Trailed Fertiliser Spreaders are for use on green areas and gardens. These small Trailed Fertiliser Spreaders are designed for use on small tractors, garden vehicles and other compact machines which do not have a P.T.O shaft.

On this particular spreader it is the movement of the wheels through the gearbox which is fitted on the main axle which makes the spreading disc turn. It is the forward speed of the tractor etc. which determines the spreading width of the spreader.
Ideal for sports pitches, gardens, small parks & paddocks

  • 213L capacity.
  • 50mm ball hitch.
  • Optional stainless steel disc instead of standard Rigid axle & gearbox.
  • Treated with rust inhibitor and finished with an epoxy varnish baked at 120 degrees Celsius for longer life.
  • Can also spread Dried Salt and sand.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Steel disc and fin, plastic hopper & optional deflector & agitator.
  • Ideal for roads, car parks, footpaths, drive ways and sports pitches.
  • By acting on the lever it is possible to increase or decrease the quantity of product to spread.

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